Quadro 4000 and gtx 670 in the same PC

I actually own a Quadro 4000 in my machine, kind of video editting wokstation, it is a nice card to use for work, but, i am also a gamer, and the quadro is a little weak for games, and screaming as hell and cooking at 95°C. That's why I would like to get one of these sweet GTX next to it, that I could use for gaming, and if possible leave the quadro alone.

I know it's probably possible in theory, but what is like in use and stability ?

-how to put the drivers ? (only one graphic driver accepted on win7, right?)
-I have only one screen i wish to play and work on, I guess I would need to change connection each time, or is it a way ?

Thanks !
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  1. Trouble with that is you'd have heat and airflow issues.

    I think it's possible, but I don't know how, exactly.
  2. I guess with the right PC box, it should be fine,
    I was saying it is not nescessary to have both cards working at the same time, then no heat issue... dono if that possible
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