7970 not listed in Device Manager

Put together the following:
I5 3570K processer
ASUS-P8Z77-V-PLUS-LE motherboard
Gigabyte Radeon 7970 graphics card
Corsair HX750 PSU
16GB Ram
Arctic CPU cooler
1 SSD with Windows 7 installed with a few other program and (2) 1TB regular drives for backup and storage.

I started building it before I got the 7970 graphics card and PSU. For that I used this a MSI 5670 graphics cardand a Ultra 650 watt PSU until I got the newer stuff. Everything ran fine until I put in the 7970. It wouldn’t recognize the card right away. Had to reboot a bunch of time until the PC acknowledged the card was there. Had to do this every time I booted up the system everyday. I figured it may have been a driver update for the MB and the video card so I went ahead and did that. Now the MB shows no card in BIOS and Device Manager doesn’t read a card being there at all, just the onboard graphics. All the constant rebooting messed up the Windows software and had to reinstall the system off a system image I made previously. I’ve swapped out the power supplies- nothing, moved the graphics card to a new slot- nothing. Reset the Bios on the motherboard-nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics drivers, several versions- nothing.
Last night I reinstalled Windows on a spare HD I had to see if Device Manager was messed up and again nothing- Bios and Device Manager show nothing. Even the older card, the 5670 now works half the time or crashes the system and I have to do a system restore. I took the 7970 and installed it in 2 older PC's and it works fine

Am I missing something, or are the parts not compatible? I didn’t buy these components without reading up on what would work well together so I’m at a loss as to how to make these parts work together. Starting to think the MB is not working 100%.
Any suggestions?Thanks,
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  1. The motherboard could need a BIOS update?
  2. Yes. Already updated
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