I got stuck in windows starting after disabling graphics card

My OS is windows 7 home premium
default graphics card= Intel(R)HD Graphics Family
new graphics card= ATI/AMD Radeon(XFX)

So i accidentally disabled my graphics card (ATI Radeon), and then my screen went zoomed in (idk how to explain it :o ). So i tried to restart my computer to see if my computer would go back to normal, but it stops at windows starting everytime, and i tried going on safe mode to re-enable it, but i got stuck there as well, it won't finish loading on classpnp.sys.

Then i tried removing my graphics card from the CPU, and i used my default graphics card which is the (Intel(R)HD Graphics family) and it went on normally, when i tried to put the ATI graphics card back to my CPU again it kept on getting stuck on the windows starting so i decided to uninstall the graphics driver. I went to the add/remove program to uninstall my (ATI) graphics card and thought that it would detect the graphics card normally like new if i put it back in. But after that i tried putting my ATI graphics card again but nothing has changed, it was still stuck at windows starting.

Can anyone suggest me what to do? how can i reinstall my graphics card to normal? i know it was bad to disable the graphics card in the first place. Thanks :sweat:
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  1. Sigh* Dude go into bios and make sure the video output is set to pci express. then turn off the computer and fit in the card and boot
  2. thanks, but it seems that i cant find the option to change the video output. i went to BIOS and there were no options set it to pci express. My CPU is lenovo, and i really don't know how to change the settings.

    im lost as what i need to do, can u help?

    and if i put a new graphics card in, will it go on normally? or do i have to enable the thing first to be able to put graphics card in?
    thanks alot
  3. Hm sorry for the late reply on this one, You should look for a setting called "Video output" or looks for wherever it says INTEL HD GRAPHICS. and press enter on it. then change it to pci express. From what i believe it might just be a Driver issue since radeon is notoriously famous for its bad drivers. Boot into safe mode with the HD graphics and un-install all the drivers you have (Including the ones for the HD Graphics) then run driver sweeper. Look for and Install the latest AMD drivers from their website or just do a google search with your GPU's model name E.G Radeon XFX HD5450 Drivers. then install the card and re-boot. If problem persists the card is dead.
  4. Ok, thanks so much for the reply i appreciate it, im gonna try and do what u said.

    btw, i am not really sure about this but if i just buy and put a new graphics card in, would it go on normally? or would the problem still exist?
  5. Yep theres a good chance the Graphics card is faulty. If i were you i'd rma it
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