Setting my my gaming server

i was given an old dell optiplex 210L with a P4 w/ hyper threading @ 3GHz and i added 2 gigs of ram from the stock 1gb and it has a 160 gig HDD

it seems ok in performance and it sitting around doing nothing soooo........

i want to set it up with windows 7 x64(bit) (i already have a CD)and then use it as a privet game server for like Garry's mod or any valve source games just about

i would really like the help since im a n00b with this :??: :??:
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  1. also a side note i will use teamviewer to manage it and stuff
  2. What do you specifically need help with? Setting up the actual servers for the games?
  3. basically everything setting it to where it dedicated to games where its a constant 24/7 (sometimes ill turn it off when on vacation)like any programs to use or anything what things to download etc.
  4. The best way to start, in my opinion, is just download the specific dedicated server for the game and then find out what you need to specifically do for that game. For example, ports to forward, settings to change on your computer, etc. Also, if you plan on leaving it on 24/7, make sure to set it to never sleep so games won't ever cut out.

    Another thing I would recommend doing is setting the server up with a static IP so your internal IP never changes. Proper cooling and a stable PSU are also a must. Sorry for the choppy response, just kinda spewed out thoughts :ange:
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