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Which GPU to plug each monitor into?

Ok, so i plan on getting dual 7970's and triple displays in eyefinity.

Do i plug all the monitors into one card? Or two in one, and one in the other?

I hope i made it clear enough for everyone, i'm not too good at explaining things.

I've never done this sort of thing and there seems to be a lot of nice people here :)
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  1. You would plug all the monitors into the one card in the top slot, that is about the extent of my knowledge on dual GPU setups, lol.
  2. Plug into whatever ports are most convenient, it doesn't matter as long as you are using at least one Displayport (overall, not per card).
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    if you are using it in ganging eyefinity mode, i believe that it must be 1 card. If its normal eyefinity, it can be any card. only requirement for amd cards is that one of the monitors after the 2nd one must be connected using display port or mini-display port(or an active display port convertor) in exception to sapphire flex cards, which were designed with that technology built in.
  4. So i should just plug them all into the top card, while using at least one display port?
    So could i use a different connector, with a display port converter and be fine?

    EDIT: I did a little more research, and while the info on this thread was very helpful, other sources topped it off! Thanks guys, seeya around!
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