Better upgrade option on my system- HD6670 or HD 5770?

I live in India. I owned a XFX HD 5670 1gb DDR5 that had some problem within my warranty and so I gave it to the distributor I bought from. My card will be replaced but they don't have the same model. Now I have a choice to pay some more and get another card. The supplier suggested HD 6670 1gb DDR5 or HD 5770 1gb DDR5.
I can spend max upto anoher INR 1.5k more. Moreover the manufacturer can only be xfx. If there are any other cards that I should be checking out coming within my budget- please mention. I had bought my HD 5670 1gb DDR5 for INR 5.6k.So total for the new card would be INR 7.1k.
My PC (3.5 yr old pc) specs are-
PSU- cooler master extreme power plus 500W
Max Res- 1360*768 analog
ups- apc BR 600 (360W)
CPU- intel core2duo E7500 2.93GHz
Ram- Kingston 4GB 800Mhz (2 sticks of 2gb ddr2 each)
motherboard- nvidia geforce 9300/nforce 730i
pci slot- 1 x16 pcie 2.0
Also is it so that getting a higher card (e.g HD5770 over HD6670) would bottleneck on my system because of the ram, cpu and motherboard pcie slot bandwidth?
Thank you.
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  1. I posted my ups model wrongly- its an apc RS 500...
  2. At 7.1k get hd 7750 with eyes is best card for your will work with your psu and pc.
  3. Can you get a 7750 it would be worth considering new architecture & low power consupmtion??

    Also between the two you mentioned 5770 is better as it was later on rebranded as 6770
  4. @ashish65
    wil my ups pull it? its 300W.
  5. Yes it will.hd 7750 just consumes 43w at peak.even i am running hd 7750 at 300w psu for last 1yr without any problems
  6. akshayghai29785 said:
    Can you get a 7750 it would be worth considering new architecture & low power consupmtion??

    Also between the two you mentioned 5770 is better as it was later on rebranded as 6770

    I said HD 6670 (next gen model of HD 5670- the one I had) , not HD 6770. I know that HD 6770 is a rebrand of HD 5770.
  7. @ashish65 what is the price of the core edition of HD 7750 1GB ddr5. Also does it only come as a ddr5 variant? If more variants- then which is better (considering both price and performance) ?
  8. Core will be 8k (overpriced).hd 7750 comes with ddr5 in india.
  9. Then which one should i get? as i said my budget is 7.1k
  10. Hd 7750 ddr5 at 7k hands down.
  11. Ok good. Let me ask my distributor what price he is asking (depending on what model of 7750 he has)!
  12. The 5770 and the 6770 performance wise were very close to one another so I don't see a reason to to a 6670 because you will be probably getting less performance then you would with the 5770. However, I do agree with the 7750. I've seen lately people from India on the forums purchase from amazon but if you could manage to find a 7750 within your range I'd say do it.
  13. I bought in local store at depends on your shopkeeper.i would say only get saphhire or gigabyte models due to there service support in india.
  14. Ah, the other companies aren't nearly as good in India then Ash?
  15. No the gpu brands of his,msi have no service center while asus service is worst in india.
  16. ASHISH65 said:
    I bought in local store at depends on your shopkeeper.i would say only get saphhire or gigabyte models due to there service support in india.

    Well that would be a problem as my distributor keeps only xfx brand here. So its gona be xfx HD 7750 if it has to be... :/
  17. Xfx is fine.but i donot know there is service center in india
  18. They have one probably. I found this link its possible its not there anymore but hey its something.
  19. Ya they do have a service centre in mumbai, as they had sent a replacement for my faulty HD 5670 from there. It was a 2gb ddr3 HD 6570 which i returned immediately! And I asked for an alternative, which is I can get a different card by paying the residual price but it has to be xfx...
  20. That is rashi periparls i know them as i am from mumbai so i think op can go for xfx.
  21. @ashish
    Just in case if I don't get a normal model of HD7750 (I hope I do get- 'fingers crossed'),
    am guessing both the core and black editions wil be overpriced. So in such a case what alternative card should I look for within my budget?
  22. Core can get hd 7750 at flipkart.
  23. Not flipkart remember. This card will be my replacement so it has to be from the distributor from whom I had bought my 1st card.
    hd7750 Core edition it is then. Thanks for all the info. Will keep you posted about what I finally get....
  24. Happy gaming!!
  25. @Ashish
    Well there seems to be a bad news. I spoke to my distributor today, and he says that he cannot give hd 7750 as a replacement for hd 5670. He is asking for too much money for it. Around 5k more for the core edition (And I had paid 5.6k for the hd 5670-so do the total). So its gonna be 5770(2k more) or 6670(1k more) or 6770(5.5k more) among the others I think. So which one should I go for? Any other cards I should look for?
  26. Please tell me for how many rs total you are getting 1) hd 6670 2) hd 5570 3) hd 6770.
  27. he said-
    1)a little lesser than 1k (so total 6.4k approx) for 6670 1gb ddr5
    2)little lesser than 2k (so total 7.4k approx) for 5770 1gb ddr5
    3)6770 is overkill 5.5k more (so that would be 11k total)
  28. 4) 7770 is 6.5k more for the black edition (total- 12.1k)
    5) 7750 is 5k more for core edition (total- 10.6k)
  29. Unbelivable 'kya loot raha he shopkeeper' Real price of hd 6670 is 5.6k and hd 5770 is 6k and hd 6770 is 7k.he is selling hd 6770 at 11k while at 11k you can get gtx 650ti.
  30. I gues its coz he is replacing my old inferior card. I had my 5670 for almost 2 yrs (2 months less)- so I think I should take depreciation into factor.... So which should I get?
  31. And the only thing he is giving at no extra cost is 6570 2gb ddr3. If i want a 5670 back at no cost, i gotta wait for a month coz its nt in stock.
  32. Try to bargain the hd 6670 at 6k and get that or wait for hd 5670.
  33. I think taking depreciation into consideration- 5770 price is ok. Dont you think? I wil try to bargain and bring it down to maybe 1.5k more.
    Also what's the current price of HD 5670 ddr5 1gb?
  34. Price of hd 5670 is 5k.yes hd 5770 ddr5 is ok and is powerful.try to ask him price of nvidia gtx 650.
  35. ok i bargained and brought down the HD 5770 price to 1.4k from 2k. Now if i go into another deal- this may be lost. So shall I take hd 5770?
  36. Yes take that but what is your psu?you need 6pin connector or you want to spend 3k more for psu if you want hd 5770.
  37. Tell +12v ratings on sticker of psu.
  38. And I dont think he can replace an amd card with an nvidia one. So thats no use asking I gues!
  39. its a cooler master extreme power plus 500 W. It has a 6 pin power connector.
    +12V1 and +12V2 ratings are 360W 18A.
  40. Then it is fine.grab hd 5770 you will able to max games at your resolution.
  41. Ok cool. :)
    I read that a 5770 on full load will still make the entire system pull around 300W only from the psu. Is that true? I got this rating for my system spec(including the 5770) by using the psu calculator on 3 websites. One of them was the Antec one. And another the asus website.
  42. Yea its true it will only pull around that but also keep in mind that your processor will use about 100 watts if its AMD it can be more inwards around 125watts plus motherboard, ram, hard drives, optical drives.
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