hi all, i was wondering if there is a good free utility that i can actively view both my fps's as well as gpu temps? i know fraps is good for fps, but what about temps!? thanks for your time!
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  1. For temps gpu- z
  2. I would use msi afterburner. What it enables you to do is to have your temps shown in a corner like Fraps does with your games. If you look at this picture I took the top left.

  3. Was about to recommend Afterburner as well.

    Way I'v got it set up is that I have an Afterburner Rainmeter skin active on my secondary monitor, that way you can see it without being on top of the game.
    You could also just have afterburner open an on a secondary monitor :P
  4. ^ +1 for MSI afterburner.
  5. That sounds a bit less distracting :P
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