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Hello there,
I recently bought Jetstream 660 ti DDR 5 Graphics Card and was willing to know that how can overclock it with thunder master to play Battlefield 3 Online at Card's max possible potential. Please let me know.
Thank You
Note: Please don't ask --> Why you want to overclock , its already overclocked !
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  1. Im not familiar with thunder master. But the easiest overclocking utility i have ever used is GPUTOOL.. just run it and the rest should be quite easy. Drag the memory clock 100MHz more and shader clock should change itself with the memory clock. See how far you can go without the card getting unstable. Hope this helps
  2. Thank You for you reply. Palit already gave me overclocking tool i.e Thunder Master , So will it safe to overclock the G card with third party tool, I mean if something went wrong then I might loose warranty .
  3. Lol the worst that could happen is that you'll get garbage video and stripes and lines. if that happens just restart the computer and all should be fine.. you can overclock your card and still be covered by warranty because there is no way palit can find out if the card has been overclocked or not.. i recommend using GPUTOOL as it also gives you the option to save your clocks. the overclocking will not be permanent and you will have to click on an option (Apply clocks at system start up) so you're safe with GPU tool. just remember to increase the fan speed a little
  4. oh lol .... :D Thank you very much , I'll then try GPU tool .
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