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Hello. A week ago, a friend of mine downloaded a copy of Ad-Aware due to my recommendation. I recommended this because I knew he had downloaded many programs with spyware included and he'd been getting some weird virus alerts from Norton recently.
After running Ad-Aware and deleting all the spyware on his computer, his Windows Media Player 7.1 no longer functions. His media library is vacant now and he can no longer scan the hard drive for new media. Whenever he tries to, an error message comes up that says "An error occurred while searching for media. The drive you selected may be invalid or unreadable." Also, if he tries to add a new playlist, it will say "An unspecified error occurred."
Media Player seems to be the only program malfunctioning and, while it seems unrelated to something caused by Ad-Aware, that's the only thing he's done recently that could've possibly caused such a problem.
I've tried re-installing a new version of Media Player but that doesn't seem to help. Plus, there is no listing in add/remove programs for Media Player. I also tried using system restore to set the computer back to before he installed Ad Aware and this didn't work either. So, could someone offer me any suggestions? He's bugging the heck out of me about this and I'm really at the end of my rope....

Nicholas Medlin
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  1. When he ran adaware, did he choose the backup option before deleting the spyware? If so, he can go back in and restore from that. Then run Adaware again, only this time don't let it delete that particular file.
  2. No, he didn't choose to backup for some retarded reason.

    But, either way, I looked through his log file to see what he deleted and it all appeared to just be standard spyware stuff. Personally, I don't think it's due to running Ad Aware but I have no idea what else it could be...
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