Flickering Blue Desktop and Disappearing Icons

I feel like I'm in that auto repair commercial where people are mimicking the noises their cars are making. I'll give it a shot anyway.

I just booted my Win8 64 machine. Made it through boot to the desktop, then the desktop would flash to blue, icons on the desktop and quick launch would disappear, loose control of the mouse momentary, and windows explorer closes.

I rebooted, changed all settings to factory (no OC), still same issue.

Has anyone else had this issue? I updated Catalyst yesterday, which I think could be the problem due to only 2 of about 8 (no catalyst) icons being present in the taskbar during the problem.

I restored and it seems to be fine now. I just would appreciate knowing the cause and a solution other than restoring to an earlier state if it happens again.

Thanks in advance.
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    don't use restore, next time just uninstall and reinstall the drivers. you can even install just the driver and not the catalyst (sometimes buggy).
  2. That was my thought as well. However, I couldn't get into safe mode after my second reboot and the control panel would close after a few seconds. It was as if Win was trying to complete the boot but could get past one driver. The PC was still basically functional, Chrome and the internet still worked but the desktop was basically in a refresh loop.

    Everything appears to be stable now and I just checked the catalyst driver was not reverted to an earlier version. Argh, if it happens again and I don't know the cause or solution I'll probably just image the OS drive, try a fresh install in an attempt to identify if its hardware or software related.
  3. Rolled back my 6950 driver and everything seems to be stable. Thanks.
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