Update hd 5670 removes current driver

I have a Intel DP67DE Mobo. I installed the driver for my ATI Radeon HD 5670 from the original CD. When I do an update of Catalyst, the original driver is totally removed and replaced by the system VGA driver.
Nothing works. The problem has arised with a new Win7 installation on SSD.

Win 7
8 GB Ram
SSD Samsung 840 Pro 128

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  1. Anonymous said:

    That is precisely the problem. I've tried to install that download already, but when installing, my current driver that came from the original cd, dissapears out of the system.
  2. the new driver may be uninstalling the old one and then it should install the new one. can't have both.
  3. Anonymous said:
    the new driver may be uninstalling the old one and then it should install the new one. can't have both.

    I know that Catalyst removed the old driver, but failed to install the new one.
    I've used Catalyst for a couple of years without problems, but a new win7 install (SSD) has changed that.
    Could it be a DirectX problem?
  4. The new driver should get installed regardless, but the catalyst can't run without .net framework 4.0

    I don't understand how the driver is not getting installed, do you see any error message?, when you launch the installer and choose custom setup, do you see the driver listed to be installed or it only shows the catalyst and other extra software?
    If you have the monitor plugged to your HD 5670 and you install this on windows 7 64 bits:

    it has to work.

    P.S: i don't think it's directX related but if you are concerned you can always try to updated it:
  5. .net framework 4.0 is running. The only message (saw this just once) I got is that there is an INF missing. Odd thing is that when I install (in vain) the new catalyst (which does not work), I have to remove everything with the same catalyst before I can install the old driver from CD.
    I see (during installation) that driverfiles are installed.
    Yes, I'm running Win7 64 bits.
    I use DirectX 11, so I also didn't think this could have caused the problem, but one never knows.
    I wish there was a simple videodriver available (like in the old days) without all the extras.
    Anyway, I appreciate your willingness for helping me.
  6. You can always install the driver manually.


    2-Run installer so it extract all its content, for me it extracts all at:

    3-when the installation setup pops up close it.

    4-Go to start, right click computer and choose properties.

    5-then open the device manager (left column), click the + on display adapters.
    You should see your Radeon HD 5670, right click it and choose properties.

    6-Go to "driver" tab click update driver, and choose "browse my computer for driver software"

    7-click "Explore.." and browse for the driver that should be at:

    8-let it install and reboot.

    9-To install CCC after reboot navigate to:
    and run "ccc-core-static.msi"


    That should install the driver no matter what.
  7. OK, I'm gonna try that. Let you know tomorrow if it worked .

  8. It just won't work. I have followed your instructions to the letter, but after the reboot (step 8) I got back the VGA resolution.
    During step 9 I had to close down the following processes:
    - CCC: monitoring program (Proces ID: 2652)
    - CCC: Host application (Proces ID: 3268)
    After that the installation went on, but a reboot gave no solution.

    Something must be sitting in the way (That's how we say here in Belgium, don't know if it is correct English?)
  9. There really is something in the way.
    The system behaves like if the card wasn't a PCI-e HD5670..

    Try this: Go to the control panel, add/remove programs, and anything related with ATI/AMD, reboot after that.
    Then download driver fusion
    Install it, run it, choose AMD - Display, tick everything and remove everything.

    Then try the steps listed on my post above..again :P
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