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Crossfire X with Sapphire HD5450

Hi i have this Sapphire HD5450 new and can not see where it would hook up for crossfire even though it says crossfire ready on the box.
my board is a gigabyte GA-970A-D3 rev 14 AM3/AM3+ AMD Motherboard with a phenom 965 x4
psu is 750 watt kentek
ram is 4x2gb ballistix sport.
windows 7 ultimat 64 bit

was wondering as i could get another on real cheap.
the only game i play is......i know i of warcraft.
i met my wife there and am building this new build and want to be able to play at near high settings and last for a while without having to upgrade.

i only have about $100. left to play with and since i am a noob builder i thought i would ask here as the people here have been the best help for this build out of five forums i have been looking at.
any suggestions would be appreciated

thanks in advance and for the awesome help so far.
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    Donot crosfire anything.just get hd 7750 at $94.This would be best for your needs.
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