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This question is directed at the staff of Tom's hardware guide....

I want to start by saying I love the tests you do. I use them all the time with my clients. It's good to have an independant review which is unbiased. Thank you!

Now my question:

You did a pretty thorough job of rounding up most of the CD-RW drives available at 24X speed. But again LG electronics was left out. Is there a reason?

LG is fast becoming the major supplier of OEM CD-Rom/DVD-Rom and CDR-W here in Canada. In fact many company don't sell anything else. It would be really nice to see them tested against the more renouned products. Do you think this would be possible?

Here is the link to their web site:

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  1. You seem to have a decent knowledge on this subject, so I have a couple of questions on CD-RWs or LG.

    1. Do you use LG monitors? Opinions?

    2. My Yamaha 16w 10rw 40r (CRW2100E retail) tends to write at 8x for music. Is this normal speed for music, or is it probably the media? I'm not sure about the recommended write and/or re-write speeds for music/data/CD copying etc.

    BTW I thought that LG only did OEM CD drives. That may be a reason. People here tend to go for the retail version of something if they can. Oh and both my CD-ROM and my DVD are OEM, but I don't make a fuss over CD-ROM drives and the DVD drive was on special offer :smile: .

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  2. Best buy has LG cdrw's dvd\cdrws in their retail inventory .. saw a dvd\cdrw today as a matter of fact .. was on sale for 129.00 USD. While only burning at 16x max my neighbor ( he and I bulid systems on the side together frequently) loves his and is very satisfied with it


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  3. Yes I have an LG Flatron 915FT plus has a main monitor. I sell a lot of LG monitors as well. What I think of them? The image quality is pretty impressive! I have yet to see better. Also the anti-glare they use is unmatched by anything else in the market. When you see one try to following: Place yourself directly in front of the monitor, turn it off. Then do the same thing on any other monitor of your choice. You will understand what I mean ;)

    The only weaker point I can see is that the screen is not as bright as other brands. I usually turn off the lights when I play game to make sure I can see every detail of the game. Of course I could push brightness up but it washes out the image quality. I use a calibration program to make sure settings are good on my monitor.

    Besides that all of the other aspects are better than the competition. Monitor also has a USB hub built in, as well a BNC (RGB) input, which I don't use at the moment but are nice to have. There is also a version of this monitor without the RGB input that sells for a few bucks less. It's the 995FT plus.

    As for the drives, they do make retail version as well but we only order the oem because it's cheaper and it's the same thing without the box.

    As for music CD, I don't have much experience with them to be frank. I only use MP3 since I have all my music on my computer and my home entertainment system is hooked to my computer which serves as a jukebox. Also my walkman uses MP3 CDs so I don't have need to covert back to regular CD format. But in my experience, LG drives can write at maximum speed even for music CDs. I did a few of them in the past and I never slowed down the speed to write them. Perhaps it is the media you are using. Try using digital music certified CDs and see if it makes a difference. Also Mitsui CDs have always been great for music.

    In light of what was said in the lastest review about Yamaha drives here, I am thinking speed might have an effect but personnally I have never heard the difference.

    Well, hope this helps you a bit ;)

  4. Well I asked cause I have an (funny how the word "an" is more comfortable here) LG Studioworks 77i 17" model.

    Bought it back in November 97' when I got my PII 300. At the time, it was state of the art!

    I just wondered if after 4.5 years, with absolutely no probs, you would recommend a new LG, and which type?

    I'm not in the market for a TFT monitor. Maybe 19" maybe not. 1024 x 768 seems good enough on 17" right now. Might pop up to 1280 x 768 if get a 19" one.

    I see too many models from LG. Its difficult to choose one. Any recommendations?

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  5. BTW my Yamaha writes an 80 minute CD-R with 79 mins of music in 13 minutes using Adaptec CD creator.

    Don't know if that's fast or slow. Seems ok to me. It writes at 8x (1200Mbps), but I reckon thats the media speed.

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