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Is my GPU being bottlenecked?

I run on this:

and my gpu is a geforce gtx 560 ti

wondering if im being bottlenecked by my cpu? I've been getting some poor performance in GW2 and other games.. wondering what my problem might be.

i look at my msi afterburner and it seems to spike a lot, from using all my gpu to using half and back and forth...

is this normal?

i can take an ss of my gpu usage if you need that info too :)

if it's not being bottlenecked, could anyone give me some insight as to why my performance might be suffering? maybe im just being paranoid or something. This is my first legitimate gaming computer and I've only had it less than a year. I have a warranty so I can send it back to get it fixed.. Just don't want to panic for nothing.
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  1. haha, no, you arent being bottlenecked by the cpu
  2. I used a 560 ti (ASUS DirectCUII OC) and i found that my card does not stays at 3d clock in some games like Team Fortress 2 when VSync is enabled so i install GPU TWEAK and disabled the 2d clock... that resolve the issue, maybe you could try that...

    Also driver include overheat protect that run the card at 50mhz when it come too hot and doesn't revert until reboot...
  3. neon neophyte said:
    haha, no, you arent being bottlenecked by the cpu

    lol, that's subtle. any ideas what i can do to improve my pefrormance in games with my 560? I haven't really clocked my gpu. I'm afraid to do things like that (same with my cpu)

    Things just feel slower lately, I tend to panic when a random thing happens though. So it may just be nothing.

    @ other guy, i'll check it out.
  4. i see that your baseclock is @ 103, that can cause issue, try to revert it to 100 and see if that correct the problem ;)
  5. have you checked he temperatures that your card hits while in game? high heat can cause the card to act irradically
  6. It gets up to about 65 at most. That's pretty normal I think. So, I don't think it's heat. Could be something in the background?

    I'll try reverting it to 100.
  7. aevic said:
    It gets up to about 65 at most. That's pretty normal I think. So, I don't think it's heat. Could be something in the background?

    I'll try reverting it to 100.

    Keep afterburner and task manager open while you play games, and take note of any slowdowns you see. You should see a corresponding spike of around 100% on either the CPU or GPU - and you should see a dip in your framerate graph. If you're playing at a high resolution, the first thing to try disabling is MSAA.
  8. Okay, I'll try all of those things and see what happens. Thanks for the input everyone.
  9. Hey guys, I'm not sure if my card is fixed or not. In SC2 I'll be at 170 fps at the start of a game and go down to 90 fps. When the battle start picking up I'll get as low as 30 fps. I'm not sure what the cause is...

    Also, I seem to be getting really weird spikes when playing games. Sometimes my card will be using 99% gpu usage on games that aren't GPU dependant (like sc2 at least I thought it was more cpu dependant) and then spike down to 50% and back up.

    I'm not sure if this is normal on my 560 ti or what.

    Also in GW2, I'll be sitting at 110 out in the world and drop down to almost 50 fps in LA with it spiking randomly to almost 20 fps when I rotate my camera and then back up to about 60.

    I don't know if this is normal or not.. I'm a tad worried. I think my card may be faulty or crapping out and I'm not sure..

    I watch my cpu usage when playing and it seems normal. Usually never getting below 35% when in a game to going up to 75% and topping out at almost 90%.

    I also notice hiccups or slowdowns. I'm not sure if its me eyes playing games on me or the actual game

    I'll post readings of my MSI AB and CPU usage while on SC2 to see what you guys think.

    I can get exact readings for you all and post them.
  10. When Idle tabbed into sc2:

    For about 5 minutes

    two readings, will post when im playing in a game readings.

    this is when im playing just some random custom game
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    a low framerate of 30 is not bad for SC2. calculating all those pieces gets very taxing on any CPU.

    widen your task manager a bit, so you can see CPU usage for a longer period - it's probably being maxed while in-game. the random custom game is not as CPU-taxing as the other two instances.
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