Is it worth upgrading from Radeon 4870 to Geforce GTX 650ti


I would like to know if it's worth, my current system is:
Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz
2GB RAM (I know have to buy more)
Ati Radeon HD 4870

Geforce 650ti should be more powerful and consume less power, but won't my CPU bottleneck it?

I am planning for occasional gaming.
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  1. I also like that the 650ti is much smaller (I'm looking at the Gigabyte model).
  2. No it really isn't worth the upgrade I would look at a 660 or 7850 1 GB if you need to keep costs down.
  3. You will notice performance as you are upgrading to new gen card.gtx 650ti will be little bottlenecking.what is your max resolution?
  4. Thanks for answers. I use my default desktop resolution in modern games which is 1650*1050.
  5. You need minimum to get hd 7850 or hd 7870 but that will be heavy bottleneck to your cpu
  6. In other words you think I have to buy a whole new pc in order to play modern games on max settings? If that is true then I will stick to gaming on my ps3 lol
  7. Ya stick with up more and get new cpu and mobo.
  8. With a 650ti, you might have to turn down some settings a little in some areas to achieve smooth game play. Maybe spending a little more and getting the 7850 might be a better idea as you get much more performance while spending just a little more.

    Your dual core will still hold up even though games are supporting more threads.
  9. Get a cheap XFX HD7850 1GB, you will see the difference..
  10. Ok, thanks for answers guys. I will consider buying 7850 then since it really isn't much more expensive than 650ti. From the looks I like the Sapphire and Gigabyte models cos they have large and thus silent fans. Which one you would prefer? I have Gigabyte mobo so I'm thinking going with Gigabyte. XFX are not sold in my country (I'm in eastern europe, latvia).
  11. Yes go with gigabyte.They have good quality graphic card.
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