AMD SMBus confusion

Apart from being a newbie, i am also confused.

I recently did a clean install of my AMD A4-3300 X64 System , using AMD Vision HD6410D I/Graphics, Device Id 9645

After the system slowed down considerably. Everything appeared to go well , until I was checking the Device Manager
for Drivers and found - (1) AMD SMBus - is as confused as I am whereas the system and (2) Win7, showed different results when
checking the Device manager -i.e

(1) Right click ADM SMBus/properties Advised " No Drivers are installed for this Device"
(2) Having Windows Search for S/w, results in - "The Best Drive S/W for your Driver is already installed"

Ive tried to download and run AMD SMBus Driver, But the update, cannot find the OS or System after installing ??

I've checked the various forums, but haven't found anything, NOR a suitable thread/posting.

Is a Highjackthis or a DDS file required.

Looking forward to a response from those more experienced.
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  1. when you do a new build you have to install the motherboard chipset drivers first then all the other drivers will work.
    look at the make and model of the mb and see what chipset it uses then go to amd web page and download the newest chipset drivers from there.
  2. for the smbus fix make sure you have the chipset drivers installed. use the cd that came with your motherboard?
  3. Than you both snorizio and Alvine for your interest and help,

    I think I will play it safe do another backup/Restore and reload from scratch. I dont think loading the drivers after the past reinstall would'do
    any good.

    Thanks greatly, trap for young players. I've got nothing else to do anyway

  4. Thank you ALL for your Comments and Interest in my problem. :hello:

    I Traced the problem with yours and my friends help to (1) Incorrect loading of the Drivers and (2) Insufficient RAM.

    The problem has been fixed and I'm up and running smoothly, again thanyou to all.


    marburg and haveagoodday
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