MSI Radeon 7850 no screen with Gelid Icy Vision


So i've got a new MSI Radeon 7850 Twin Frozer into this Build:

AMD APU A10-5700
2 X 4gb G.Skill 1866mhz
OCZ Vertex 4 128Gb
Seasonic SS-460FL
MSI Radeon 7850 with Gelid Icy Vision and replaced the stock fan with 2 Noctua 92mm

The thing is 9/10 of times i've got no screen when booting with my 7850. I've read that 450W should be enough to power my PC with this GPU and i've made a big mistake to not test my GPU before replacing the stock cooler (So my warranty is void).

I can't even see the bios prompt at the beginning. The drivers are from MSI website.

I really hope that it's not my graphic card that has a problem...

Is there a setting I should change in the bios (if I can access it)?

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  1. Hold up, did you actually pull apart the GPU and put another cooling unit on it?

    Not really sure why you would do this, but can you put the stock cooling back on?

    *edit* Also The recommended minumim PSU is a 500W, You should also try getting a new PSU.
  2. I removed the stock GPU cooler to install the Gelid one and change the fans to get a near silent PC.

    Yes I could put back the stock cooler to check if everything is working.

    Edit: I've already bought the Kingwin Stryker 500W (Can draw up to 600w of power) because I was thinking the the PSU wasnt enought and I will have it tomorrow. I'm just stress because reading forum my first PSU should be enough so if I maybe bought another PSU for nothing and broke my 200$ GPU...
  3. Normally if I connect a graphic card would my integrated HDMI connector would work too or it will be disabled and only the HDMI connector onto the graphic card would work? Because right now if my graphic card is connected neither HDMI is working.
  4. It depends on the bios settings if the motherboards HDMI will output a video signal.

    However the GPU HDMI should always work unless somthing is wrong.
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