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Hey Guys,

I am having my internet connection in my living room as my co ax is not in any other room. (timewarner internet).

So since i cant have all servers and all in living room (wired machines), i want to move the whole setup to my lab room. I want to buy a wds supported wireless router in the bedroom and join it to my wifi of the home - the router will then output to the wired machines.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833315095 is the one I am interested in but want to get your opinion before I pull the trigger.

Please advise.
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  1. No one?
  2. I assume that you mean you will use it as a wireless bridge, it looks like it would work, except you would need a small switch to attach the several wired computers as it only has one LAN port.

    Any chance that you can run a CAT 5e cable to the lab and just put a switch in there?
  3. Thanks for the reply, i have a switch and the reason i am no wires because i dont want to run the cable, and i am not worried about the qos bw speed currently. Until then, I want to do wireless and i doubt if I will ever go wired because of the fact that running cables is a no for me.

    Any alternative good reviewed wds devices that u wud recommend?

  4. That is a very inexpensive device that looks like it will do what you need since you have the switch. Most wds devices cost a lot more. I'd go with it.
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