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Need new card for hdmi monitor

I need to add a new card to allow me to use my new monitor with hdmi input. I tried an asus eah 5450, but couldnt get it to boot up after install.
hp media center pc m7330n
athlon x2 4200
3gigs ram

use to watch movies
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  1. Update your bios and see that hd 5450work or not
  2. Updated still no good
  3. See if hd 5450 work in other pc or not.Then get nvidia gt 610
  4. have u tried using a different videoport than hdmi?
  5. yes, tried vga and dvi. it doesnt boot up. it turns on and the fans seem to be running at high speed but nothing happens
  6. did you disable onboard video in the bios? I assume it has onboard video.
  7. does ur onboard videocard boot up?

    if so u might have to disable it in the bios so it uses ur pci-e lane.
  8. Go to bios- advanced video chipset - init display first -set it to peg or pci e
  9. yes i disabled on board video.
  10. Then it think your pc has pci exp 1.0slot so that is why hd 5450 doesnot work as it is pci 2.1 and also no bios you should get nvidia as they are pci 2.0gpu and compaitable with pci 1.0 slot.
  11. changed it to pci-e and still does the same thing. Dont have another machine right now to try it in. I guess its bad?
  12. can u return it? id advice too
  13. i think i will, can you suggest a better one for my system
  14. whats ur system again?
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    iceclock said:

    he has a pci-express 16x and pci slot.

    no reason it shouldnt work.

    pci exp 2.1 have problems with old pci 1.0slot mobo. See here in pci 2.1 section -
  16. iceclock said:
    whats ur system again?

    Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2 GHz
    ATI Radeon Xpress 200
    3 gigs ram
    400 psu
  17. ASHISH65 said:
    pci exp 2.1 have problems with old pci 1.0slot mobo. See here in pci 2.1 section -

    What would you recomend?
  18. whats ur budget?
  19. Max to max you can get nvidia gt 630
  20. iceclock said:
    whats ur budget?

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  22. cheers
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