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My friend wants a video editing rig that can edit gopro 1080p videos for around $1000 no more. I was thinking about going AMD A-Series crossfired with an HD7000 series. Any good suggestions for a CPU/GPU combo at this price point?
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  1. just for video editing i think that is a poor choice.

    there are 2 ways to encode, software or with hardware acceleration. software does have the best quality though you might be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a hardware accelerated encoding. if you want to use hardware acceleration, intels quicksync is by far the fastest way to do it and has the best quality.

    if you want to do a software encoding with the cpu, the amd-a series is a terrible choice.
  2. I7 3770k
    Nvidia 660ti/670

    The best in video editing if not the 3930k but nvidia/intel are best for video editing because of cuda cores etc supported by vegas etc
  3. cuda is useless for encoding, it is both lower quality and slower than intels quicksync
  4. So intel/nvidia is the way to go? I had someone else suggest an AMD 8350. Remember this is a budget build, I dont think I can swing an i7 system for under 1000.
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