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Sapphire HD Flex 6770 -Which cables and how will O/S respond?

January 23, 2013 3:10:24 PM

Hi, I have the HD 6770 Flex ATI video card 1GB DDR 5. I want 3 displays simultanously.
I'm getting confused which adapters/cables I need, so I need your help.

I'm planning to install Windows 7 and Windows XP Professional SP3 or SP2 on the same
system on two separate hard drives (dual-boot).

The 3 LCD monitors each have a VGA and DVI input. Each DVI input is female - no pins,
and no 4 pins around a longer, flat pin. I bought 3 cables, but found out I bought the wrong
cables. The cables are male to male DVI-I, when it looks like I needed DVI-D cables.
I lost money.

The video card has the following: One DV DVI, one SV DVI, one HDMI, one DisplayPort.
The computer also has an additional DV DVI and VGA output.

This is what I already have:
1. 3 Male to Male DVI-I cables.
2. 1 DVI to VGA adapter. (male, with 4 pins around 1 longer pin)
3. 1 HDMI to DVI adapter. (On this adapter, the DVI port has no pins, so I guess it means it's female.
It has 4 empty holes around 1 longer hole for a longer pin.)

My questions are:
1. Which cables and adapters do I need? 6 feet to 10 feet would be OK.
2. What's the difference between SV-DVI and DV-DVI ? Should I ignore this?
3. How do I know when I need to use the 4 pins around the 1 longer pin? (DVI-D vs. DVI-I) ?
4. Do I need to buy a new monitor that supports DisplayPort?

My question concerning operating systems:
1. I have no experience with dual-display or a shared desktop. My question is,
how will Windows XP Pro SP2 and SP3 recognize the displays? What will Windows 7 do?
Will a dual-boot system like I'm trying to make be an issue with 3 displays?
2. Will both operating systems support a shared desktop and/or 3 separate displays? (open windows on each display is totally different - spreadsheet on one, web browsing on a 2nd display, news feeds on a 3rd display, etc.)

I think all I need is..... I guess a 6 ft. male to female DVI-I cable (for the HDMI
adapter), a female to male DVI-I cable (for the VGA to DVI adapter), and a
female to male DVi-I cable.....or.....I don't know. ???? :o 

I've never had a multi-system display before.