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I have a GTX 470 and it runs pretty warm, around 75 degrees while in game and boosting the fans will drop it to about 60s but that's at 82% fan speed. I have thought about getting a heat sink for my card but wasn't sure if I would benefit that much from it of if it would increase my performance. Any suggestions or input would be great.
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  1. Hello... alot the Video cards have a fan/heatsink design that just re-cycle the air inside your computer case... if this is your video card, you need to get the hot air out of your case, and fresh air into your case. The best cooling for a modern video card is an External exhaust/ reference designed cooler... theses input and exhaust the air directly outside your case... and can be identified by the fan on the rear of the card, not directly over the GPU.
  2. running up to 80C in games is normal for ur card. if you're uncomfortable with that high of a temp, than you can get cooling aids, or another heatsink. Any performance increases you obtain in cooling will NOT translate to extra video output performance.
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