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:bounce: So here is the problem.. Between the hours of 8am-1pm are internet keeps going out on us. People stay connect to the server and can use it programs but they cant go to yahoo or any other site. I`v called our isp over a 1000 times and they tell us we have been connected to them for days and there isnt any problems on there side.

We are using server 2003 with RDC. We have three offices that connect to our server. This is very wierd because when are nternet goes down people out side the office can still connect to our server and people in the office can still connect and work. The only problems we seem to have is no one can use internet explorer or firefox and our outlook goes down too. I can ping all the computers in the network but can nt ping anything out side the network like yahoo.com as such..

We do a have a sonic wall with a ip of that when i try to ping it times out.. But It doesnt seem to say anything wrong with the setting(although i`m not sure what to look for). With 5 mins of the internet net not work it seems to work perfectly. Another fix to this is restarting the server but that kicks everyone out and is a pain in the ass. Once the server is restarted the issue seems to go away.. Maybe there is a problem with the network card? I dont think its the server because even other computers that are connected to the server loose the ability to use fire fox or IE. But they still can print to network computers.

Another issue we has is we have two ethernet cards on the server. card A. and then card b

It seems like card A is used for the link out side the office and is the main card. The owner wanted half the users to connect to the server by card b. When we had this setup and the internet went down only people using card B lost connection and could even connect to the server. People on card A just lost the ablitity to use IE.

I`m pretty good with trouble shooting common network problems and this is very out there... Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. I don't have a solution, but I'd check the sonciwall for a rule that limits what days/times you can access the internet. If you have other routers that link you to the intenet, I'd check their rules too.
  2. I checked... and there no limits on time of day =(
  3. Look for previous documentation of the setup or try to narrow the problem down by eliminating one thing at a time if possible.
  4. I just noticed that you say that rebooting the server fixes the problem. Is this server running a DHCP server? It sounds like an address and/or ARP table is getting corrupt or something and routing to the wrong segment (you have 2 network cards in your server).
  5. Check the event logs around the time of the issue happening.

    If you can't ping outside of the network, trace the connection as far as you can. When it drops off, that's where the problem is. Likely to be your server.

    What is your server doing from 8am to 1pm daily? Antivirus, backups, etc?
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