Amd 7770 overclcok

when i try overclocking my card it acculy make it have very low fps and when i reset it its fine i use msi afterburner 2.20 beta could this be the problom
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  1. Your whole pc specs
  2. intel i 3220 3.3ghz
    8gb ddr3 1333mhz
    450 watt psuu antec
    h61 mobo
    msi amd 7770 1gb gddr5
  3. if you see a "power limit" setting within Afterburner then raise that to max and test it out. I had a similar issue with my 7950 when I got it.
  4. will it damage the card if i put to max power
  5. no, this is like putting a bigger turbo on a car, its only until you tweak the engine DME (adjusting the core/memory speed and voltages) that you're gonna cause a real problem. so long as when you overclock you do a google search and check out what other ppl have clocked their card to safely and you stick to about that you should be fine. the proper way to overclock is to steadily increase the clock speeds by 10mhz until the computer either crashes or doesn't run properly, then lower speeds back 10mhz and retest. if you wanna squeeze your card, you adjust the voltages up when it crashes and see if it runs better, if it does continue increase clock speeds and voltages back and forth until you hit the limit. which sometimes might mean frying your card, which you don't want to do.
  6. i think it may be with the amd beta drivers
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