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So should i upgrade to a 680?

I currently run 2 GTX 460 1gb in SLI - should i sell (wont be much i know) and upgrade to the 680? i can get a gtx 680SC w/backplate for 420 bucks...DECISIONS!! I play BF3 and Planetside 2 daily....single monitor 120hz.....
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  1. yes i think so :)
    or an 670 will be much cheaper
  2. The 670GTX is a better buy as the performance is nearly that of a 680 and it costs considerably less. Those 460GTXs are great for folding@home! I might be interested in taking one off of your hands. PM me.
  3. whats ur budget and country of origin?

    and the rest of ur pc specs.

    and yeah the 670 is probably the better buy
  5. i2500k @ 4.6
    16gb corsair xms3 @1600 ram
    Z68x gigabyte mbo
    Intel 520 series SSD 120gb
    2x seagate 500gb 7200rpm HDD
    Corsair 750w power supply
    460 1gb sc x2 (sli)

    They have been workhorses for me there is no doubt...but i'm just looking for more vram...i play at lower settings now to get max i thought with a 670/680 i'd have more seems to be my bottleneck right now...i think the cpu will last at least another year....who knows though

    I'm in the States....budget is 400ish
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    u just need a new gpu the rest looks good dude. u wont see an increase going from ur 2500k to a 3770k or close to it.

    for best bang for bucks u want a 7970.

    if u must go with the 670 than go with this.

    since the 680 isnt in ur budget.

    either one is good, but to me the 7970 is better deal, beats a stock 680 and when overclocked is a beast.

    but if u need cuda support and love nvidia the gtx 670 can overclock to 680 levels and still be great.
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