[UBUNTU] 12.10 HD7750+ Two Monitors

I have this awful issue when running dual monitors with this set up. I get the worst kind of performance/lag, and im not sure what the problem is. When I disable either of the monitors in the display settings, I get exceptionally fast performance so it's either something with the GPU drivers, or the computer itself not being able to handle it?

8 gigs of ram
3.4 ghz Quad Core cpu

The monitors:
1440x900 19" LCD monitor @75hz
1680x1050 LCD monitor @60hz

Could the issue be related to both monitors being a different refresh rate? I didn't see a place where i could change the refresh rate in ubuntu.

I'm currently using the open source tested drivers. When I used the proprietary ones, it wouldn't let me set up two monitors outside of mirror mode.
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  1. Set both monitors to the same resolution and refresh rate. plus its Ubuntu, so I'd say driver support is not like Windows. I'm no Ubuntu guru so I can't really help you, but this quick google looks promising

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