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Okay as title suggest I'm looking for a new graphics card to run BF3 I'm currently using a ATI Radeon EAH5670 1GB, I have Intel Dual Core 3.0ghz..... P5Q Pro Mobo annnd 4gb RAM. I've hunted around and some cards are still £100 plus... I'd reallly love to try and get one between £50 - £80/£90 at most but if need be I will budge...

My 5670 series is okay during campaign but when heavily loaded the FPS drops down under the 20's. It roughly sit's from 25 - 40/45ish. My main reason is I love the Online, and I have recently bought guild wars 2. Some parts the FPS drops... quite a bit..

Extra Info::: Would pref, like to buy a graphics card that will last a few years before needing to upgrade... I'm not looking for top notch. Like I said Medium or even High would be ace on Battlefield 3. I've looked at some 5000 series but I don't want to dive in head first without a second opinion :) *** ALSO*** Upon buying a new graphics card would I have to buy a new power brick ?
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  1. Assuming 1920x1080, a 77x0 fits the bill.
  2. Sorry my bad completely forgot R. 2048 x 1152 if any :L I just checked out the Nvidia GT 520 but I'm lost with this whole GDDR5 and DDR3 etc etc :(
  3. I agree with cookybiscuit, if you're on a real tight budget the HD 7750 would also suffice, or if you have some money spare, you could give yourself some gaming headroom with a HD 7850, that'd get BF3 really going nicely :)

  4. ...And with regards to your second question, you would not need a new PSU as the HD 7000 series are known for their good efficiency.
  5. Get hd 7770.perfect for your needs.
  6. whats ur full system specs and maximum budget?
  7. The 7770 is fast enough for those settings and a good value.
  8. Okay second question bought up a list of the 7770's. What is the difference between them is it just manufacturer ....
  9. Okay cheers, atm I'm only running on a 165W PSU. So My question is (sorry for alll the really noob questions) if I bought say
    would this suffice... ?

    As I noticed the requires 500w >.> Would this brick be ideal??? Also It says 64 bit operating system highly recommended... is this from a performance requirement or just a recommendation as titled ? I'm totally sorry for any questions you deem stupid! :( This is my first custom comp ^^
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