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Hello :)
I'm brand new here and I have basic knowledge about hardware,so I'm hoping you guys will be a bit patient with me.
I'm sorry for rehashing what a 1000 people have already probably asked.I need to buy a new graphics card,and I need some advice on it
So what I wanna know is : Is a GFX card with DDR3 and 4 GB ram better?or is a GFX card with 1gb but DDR5 RAM better?By 'better',I mean higher fps at medium to high graphics.So i what i want to know is basically which has more impact on the fps rate,the VRAM or the GPU clock?
I know having a DDR5 will be future proofing my rig a bit,but I'd also like some good framerates as well.
Thank u for your time.
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  1. Hello... present your budget... and many will give you good advice... but knowing what your CPU/motherboard/computer specs, will give you the best advice.
  2. There may be a two-tier difference on the monthly GPU hierarchy chart between a card with DDR3 and the much faster GDDR5.
    1GB of RAM is sufficient for gaming at up to 1920x1080, unless you want extremely high levels of AA and/or load memory-gobbling hi-res texture packs. At that point, however, memory bandwidth will be at least as important as the amount you have, e.g. 256bit vs. 192bit or 128bit.
  3. Thanks you Onus.
    and Ironsounds,my specs
    Intel Core i3 3.10 GHz
    4 GB RAM
    nVidia GeForce 210 1 GB
    Native Res 1600x900 (Sorry,I dont know the exact size of my monitor)
  4. Whats your buget?
  5. Around Rs 5000.60$ i think?
  6. ASHISH65 said:

    I was thinking about that but I saw a 4gb gt 630 from nVidia.So I was wondering which one I should go for.a 4gb ddr3 or a 1gb ddr5.
  7. Gt 630 is crap.even hd 6570 beats gt 630.4gb is no usefull for games in games will use more than 1gb for upto 1080 res.ddr5 is twice the faster than ddr3.hd 6670 ddr5 is 50% better than gt 630 4gb.
  8. If you have budget of 7k then simply get hd 7750 with eyes closed.
  9. ASHISH65 said:

    ASHISH65 said:
    If you have budget of 7k then simply get hd 7750 with eyes closed.

    I could not have made better suggestions myself. There is a very big difference between those two (I've played GW2 with both of them, at 1600x900), but if at all possible get at least the GDDR5 HD6670. I had to turn down the settings so far even with that, that a DDR3 version might have been playable only on "sufferable" settings.
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