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I have bought a new GEFORCE GTX 650, but can't seem to install it, the motherboard can handle the card, but it still cant find the card in windows. When I try to uninstall the old drivers, it says error, when I try to install the new drivers it says error o.o pretty damn annoying.. so my friend told me to reinstall windows, is this the only way?
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  1. I need a fast answer please?
  2. Download driver sweeper to to get rid of all applied drivers. That should work. If not, you might need to restore or re install windows. Also, don't bump posts, moderators get pretty mad about that.
  3. not you dont have to reinstall windows , im not to sure about the error problem maybe try uninstalling get a registry cleaner like Ccleaner , clean the registry , restart and try installing it
  4. Didnt work, now I cant even see how much RAM I have
  5. What didn't work?
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