Recommend me a windows 7 compliant USB ethernet adapter

I just bought a wireless adapter from newegg that was defective, i think purchased a mislabeled USB ethernet adapter from them as well that took forever to ship to me, as I do not have any open ports on my pc except a few usb 2.0, I have no pci slots available for an internal ethernet

please recommend me a usb ethernet adapter that actually works with win7 that is not sluggish and works well with 30meg dsl.
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  1. That is the defective one I received. This is a wireless adapter, I asked for recommendations for a usb ethernet adapter, meaning a WIRED connection adapter. :)
  2. Reviews say its only rated at 10-15 mb, very slow interface. ANYONE ELSE want to take more than 10 seconds to help ? lol
  3. USB to me is always the last choice since there can always be driver issues.

    you could with good old faithful Linksys

    it uses a Asix ax88772 type chip
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