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i just got a new 7750 1gb and have ingame freezes for 5-10 secs. the game is a mmorpg and directx 9, i tryed installing new drivers but it hasnt helped.
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  1. system specs please? and what game are we talking about?
  2. anthlon x2 2.8ghz, 3gb ram, 530w psu, windows 7, the game is tibia
  3. well the requirements of that game are pretty low, i wouldnt see it being hardware (atm), where do you see the freezes occuring?
  4. i get the freezes ingame randomly, i get 70-100 fps, shouldnt i be getting higher? with my old integrated nvidia 6150se i used to get around 30-40
  5. those fps should be fine, sounds like something might be running in the background. when it freezes, is your hard drive light on constant?
  6. what do you mean by hard drive light? and i never had the freezes with my old graphics card
  7. Check your Windows Event Logs. You may be getting driver crashes.
  8. i checked the log and dont see many errors mostly things labeled information
  9. hard drive "light" is a light on the front of your pc that lets you know there is hard drive activity. does this light come on when your freeze occurs?
  10. no the light maintains a slow flicker it never goes solid
  11. the game also crashes after a few hours, which i just noticed
  12. re-install windows every time you make an upgrade -.-
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