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AMD's 78702gb or Nvidia's 6602gb? Which model as well?

Hi guys, well I have decided I'm upgrading, getting an SSD and a new video card, maybe more not sure (look at my specs and let me know what else I could/should upgrade).

I have looked around and settled on either the 7870 or 660 each are @GB, have varying models, MSI, XFX, Gigabyte and so on. My question is, overall I want the 2gb but where should I place my money when going for the BEST model, considering clock and memory speeds and cooling.

So far I think the MSI R7850 Twin Frozr OC AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 or MSI GeForce GTX 660 Twin Frozr N660 would be the two best but the debate is out. Please let me know what you guys think I want to buy tonight, as well if anyone has a suggestion for a reliable SSD please chime in :) Thanks!

My specs:

AMD Phenom II 965 BE oc'd to 3.8ghz Hyper Evo 212
XFX 7750 1gb ddr5
8gb Hyperx Blue 1600mhz
Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P
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  1. The best price per performance card at your level is the 7850. I was a little confused on if you were debating 7850 or 7870 though. If you get a 7850, I would get this one. (ASUS)
    Here is the 660 I would get this one, one a PPP scale is probably about the same as a 7850 (PNY)
    or this one (ZOTAC)
    And for a 7870, this one (HIS)
    In all honesty, all of them are really good prices. I would probably go for the PNY 660 personally.
    You might need to get a better CPU though. Something like an fx 6300 or 8320 would be fine. I wouldn't buy one until you know though. I would also give OCing it a try before you get a new card. But my 7950 was getting a decent bottleneck from that cpu, and none of those gpu's are that much weaker.
  2. Ok, yea my price range for the video card alone stops around $250. So the 7870's are nice.
  3. If you factor in getting sleeping dogs (IDK if you care about that game), it is the best value. If you don't care about getting sleeping dogs, then the 660 is the best value. I don't know if you are care more about power or a good deal though.
  4. 660 or 7870 are on par, depending on game. 660 is best for BF3 while 7870 is better for skyrim. If you look at frame latency over Average FPS, then the 660 takes a very slight lead overall. If you look at average FPS, then the 7870 is better. I would just get whichever one is cheaper.
  5. i would try getting a 7870 LE its pretty much a 7950 just with 2gb instead of 3gb and 256 bit instead of 384 bit bus. There are 2 models in america are powercolor and sapphire. the sapphire is the better on but is a bit more. The performance is anywhere from about 5-15 frames better in games over normal 7870. they are both $260 but powercolor has rebate which puts it at $240.


  6. I would go with the sapphire 7870 le. I wasn't aware they had made one yet. But between the 660 and 7870, they are very close. I would say the 7870 just barely edges out though.
  7. Yep, the 7870 will murder the gtx 660. I've owned a ZOTAC 660 and a Twin Frozr 7870, and I must say, with the newest drivers, the 7870 killed the 660. Even in BF3 they were even, but on 3dmark11 the 7870 got a 7800 at stock. You can also OC the 7870 A TON
  8. What about Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 2 GB GDDR5? It's clock speeds (975mhz core) are about the same as the 7870 and I cant find a bad review on it anywhere, ppl have praised it, looks fairly comparable to some 7870's and would save me $50 that I could invest in an ssd

    Any thoughts?
  9. Clock speed is not the only factor. Think of it like this, a 4 core at 4ghz will not be as strong as an 8 core at 4 ghz. That being said, the 7850 is a very good card, and will more than satisfy your needs. You can probably overclock it past the level of a 7870. But don't kid yourself by thinking the 7850 is just as strong.
  10. Yea, I know of course the 7870's are going to have their ups, wouldnt make sense if they didn't I'm just trying to gauge if saving $50 bucks here is worth it and from your feedback seems like for me it probably is. I'm sure either the 7850 or 70 is gonna blow away my current card.
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    Well that feedback isn't going to tell you much. Both of them are really good cards, and should be highly reviewed. For you, I would go 7850. That is enough to surpass the graphical needs of almost any person.
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