Graphic Card recommendation please!!!

Hi guys,

I'm looking into upgrading a few parts of my current pc and I cant seem to decide on a graphics card :cry: . The components I have chosen purchase are:

CPU: Core i5 3550
Mobo: Asrock Extreme 4
Ram: 8gb (which ever brand)

I currently have the Ati HD 4870 gfx card but im looking into buying a new one. What I wanted to know is it worth buying an expensive graphics card or I can buy 2 (SLI/Crossfire) configuration which will give me a same output the expensive card for less money? I was looking at the HIS Ati HD 7850 in Crossfire?

The benchmark I'm considering is Battlefield 3 High settings and High Crysis 3 settings.

I have been out of the loop for a while in regards to new gfx cards :pt1cable: . So if you can suggest some card which will be sufficient it would help.

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  1. Here are some options:

    SAPPHIRE 100352-2L Radeon HD 7950 3GB $299

    SAPPHIRE 100354XTL Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB $249

    Either one of these cards will play those me on high settings.
  2. I prefer a single card build, less heat and noise, no microstuttering, driver issues, etc.

    A gpu hd 7870+ perfomance will run almost any game on high at 1080p, even crysis 3, I think so .....
  3. I've got a 7950 and Battlefield 3 runs at a steady 70FPS most of the time with a mix of High and Ultra(mostly high).
  4. A 4870x2 is about a strong as one 7850 according to tomshardware gpu hierarchy. So a single 7850 would be a worthy upgrade. 2 of those could easily beat a 680
  5. well depends on what your budget 7850 would indeed perform great...but if you can,try starting up with a gtx670 or a gtx680 so that you have the option of multi gpu open for later.
    the 7850 does not support 3way cf mind you,so you would be left with the same performance until you upgrade fully.
  6. HD 7970 or GTX 680 IMO, whichever brand you prefer.
  7. I would recommend the 7950 or 7970ghz. Those will overclock great. The 7970 is already more powerful than a 7970, and the 7950 can be overclocked past an overclocked 680 in some case.
  8. If you can afford it I would get a GTX670 or a 7970 your choice both are great options.
    When I bought my gtx670 it was cheaper than a 7970 so thats what I bought.
    Nvidia's drivers tend to be better and make up for the performance differences.
    In my opinion its a toss up.
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