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Well this is not really an upgrade (I have a Radeon 3000, so anything is an upgrade at this point haha) I want to know the best card I can get on the build I have with out going over my budget of 145 (I realize that's not a lot and wont get me much on high graphics for recent games but it's all I can afford) My specs:

AMD Phenom ii x4 965BE at 3.4GHz(thinking of overclocking maybe to 3.8 or 4.0)

8Gigs of G.SKILL DDR3 1600MHz RAM

650Watt PSU (Overkill I know but I want to think ahead of upgrades or whatever I might do)

and of course PCI-e 16x 2.0

If you need to know anything else ask
Thanks for the help. Oh yeah my screen is a 32in flat screen 1080p.
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  1. Wanted to add this to see if it helps people on replying because no one seems to want to haha but I want to be able to play games like Chivalry Medieval Warfare, Dota 2, GTA 4, borderlands 1 maybe 2 later on if I get it and The WarZ (Note I own all of these games and it makes me very sad not to be able to play them so PLEASE help!!) I want to play them at least medium, max and ultra would be GREAT!! I want good FPS as well such as nothing below 35ish. Thanks for the help guys
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