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I. Recently installed a evga gtx 660 sc 2gb. It worked well for about a week this morning I it was on a black screen wouldnt let me do anything I restarted it still black screen. No bios nothing. I shut it down unhooked psu from gpu unhooked gpu from mb restart computer w/o gpu it worked. Shut it down put gpu back in still black screen no bios nothing. My mb says its a boot device problem pease help first time builder.
Sabertooth Z77mb
I5 2500k cpu
2 8gb1600 ram
850w psu gold
1tb hd
H100 cooler
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    Reset bios and put the video cable in the integrated graphics slot. Change the setting of first display device in bios from integrated to PCIE save it.
    Then plug the video cable in the graphics card slot and it should boot up.
    Other problems may be improper ram placement.
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  3. Thank you also I found out that my hd tv does not have enough resolution to run graohics card on high settings so im back to the monitor. Again thank you it was the bios.
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