How to distinguish a better LCD

In general, how can I distinguish better from a massive pool of brands and models.

I do find some spec such as contrast ratio, brightness and refresh time useful, but to what extent and are those performance indicators more important than how you actually feel when looking at them? (I think even watching at them altogether to find out the best one is difficult sometimes)

Some say brand is very important, however, I've identified there are far less famous brands guaranteeing 0 dead dots and claiming their OEM parts from other famous makes. Of course they are cheap at my own risk, what do you think?

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  1. Hello,

    As a stranger beginning your quest for a good LCD pannel you should read through the different posts in this forum and the few LCD reviews Tom's Hardware has done.

    These basic questions are asked so often I don't think anyone wants to repeat them again and again. Look around and you'll quickly find the answers to the questions you asked...take your time. The LCD market is young and many of us are waiting for the technology to improve until making this expensive purchase.
  2. Thx.

    The only way to get smarter is to fool around with someone smarter, but you can only be smarter among the less smart.
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