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Hello, I been looking at graphics cards for a new gaming PC with a budget of $1,200 and am wondering if there was a big performance difference between the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 Ti and the GTX 670 as the 670 is around $70 more.
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    here this might help I have a 670 I was also thinking about getting the 660ti

    think about it this way if a card is priced at 400 it will run like a 400 dollar card same with 300 you should look at 7950 great for ocing

    however If i had to choose between one for your budget go for the 660 ti
  2. I was looking at the 7950 but couldn't find a performance comparison to the nvidia cards so I will look at the AMD again but I think I will get the 660 ti. If you had any recommendations for the the type of 660 ti it would help but thanks for your help.
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