Msn installed in wrong language

Dear Source of Information,

I live sometimes in Finland but am American and need MSN installed in ENGLISH. Right now it is in Finnish and I do not know how to change that. Can you help?

Thank you,
Michael Robbins
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  1. Dear Receiver of Information, :P

    I think you should uninstall it, and reinstall the correct language version. offers a language "change" link under the blue download button.

    PS. edit your post (press the "quick edit" button), and remove your email address. You don't need spam.

    PPS. what version of MSN, and operating system do you use? Some old versions (like "5.x.x" or something like that) couldn't be uninstalled from Windows XP in the usual way, because they worked as a Windows system component.
    But if you use the more recent "Windows Live" versions, uninstall shouldn't be a problem.
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