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I updated my amd catalyst control center amd mid install I was forced to restart it because of the black screen staying for an extended period of time. Once I tried to reboot it it froze at the start up window. I looked up how to clean up the driver and reinstall all of them and did a driver sweep and reinstalled everything. While the drivers are removed I can do a normal start up but as soon as I update the drivers and Restart the pc it stops at the start up again. I am beginning to run out of options. O yeah, I tried a system restore before anything else and it was unsuccessful. It didn't actually do anything. I am looking to see if there is anything else I can try.
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  1. Thank the lord! After hours of work I decided to drop back to an older version and it worked! :D I still have no idea why it ever messed up in the first place though. I have been updating my drivers often and have 2 amd 7750s which aren't super old. I dunno what happened but I'm glad I fixed it.
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