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Graphics Card for Inspiron 660s

I have a Dell Inspiron 660s and I'm looking to get a dedicated graphics card. Seeing as it's a low profile PC and the power supply is only 220 Watts, I'm having a hard time finding information on what the best video cards are that I can use.

I'd like to use the pc for gaming, and while I'm aware that I'll never be able to get real power out of it, I'd still like to have something that can play games even at lower settings until I'm able to build my own computer some day.

Can anyone recommend something? I am probably looking to spend $60-100
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  1. You really need to upgrade your power supply. You can get a GTX 610 that consumes very less power. You cannot do any serious gaming with that card.
  2. Is it feasible to change the power supply on this or am I out of luck? From the what I've seen it's more of an issue with space inside the tower right?
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    Unfortunately Inspiron 660s uses TFX factor PSU, so far there not so many choices, all are low wattage like 300 watt, some 350 watt
    This is the best power supply for 660s however it is only 350 watt
    You can upgrade the 660s to a Sapphire 7750 DDR5, which is capable of mid-level gaming, with original power supply this is the easiest and most likely the best option you have, the rest you would have to change PC case to a larger one.
  4. I've seen the Sapphire 7750 DDR5 recommended before, but I had written it off because it lists under system requirements a minimum of a 400 Watt power supply. Why list that if it can run on much less?
  5. The HD 7750 needs 50 watts max to run. You can get the extre 50 watts then you will be fine. Since your power supply is only 220watts. I don't think that it will be able to handle the extra 50 watts but it is certainly worth a try. I've heard people running that card on a300 watts supply.
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