Problems with corru[ted colors in graphic display went from bad to worse.

My graphic driver is NVIDIA quadro Svm 110m. i deleted that driver because of the distorted color in my graphic display. I also disabled, did not delete the driver that says compatible vga. I turn off the laptop and when I turn it on again, the colors are already normal when the windows XP started going and when it comes to opening my windows desktop, it is flat black screen and no graphics but I hear the sound that it is going through the process. I also triesd to go on safe mode but still could not see anything. Is there a fix for this?
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  1. you need the nvidia driver in order to be able to use the cad to full potential. nvidia control panel is used for color adjustment, sharpness etc. you are most likely going to have to try f8 and run safe mode or even vga mode and download the correct drivers and re enable the vga driver since that is the default driver windows uses when there is no driver installed for a graphics card
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