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Upgrading gpu soon

Im upgrading my old gtx 285 here in a month or two and I want to get the 7970. Do you think that 2 7850's in xfire would out perform the single 7970? I play battlefield alot so this is the game most of my concern is goin towards.
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  1. Crossfire is having some problems right now so I would go with a 7970 it would be a lot less hassle
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    Go with hd 7950.
  3. @1080p, the 7950 should be enough for Ultra w/ 4xAA. I play on a 660ti and reach the same.
  4. Best bang for buck gpu is the 7950 imo. Can be overclocked past a 680/7970 and is much cheaper. However if you can afford a 7970 they can be overclocked as well haha. if you got the money get a 7970. If not get a 7950
  5. This is one of the best 7970 GHz edition cards out on the market. It will overclock like a beast and will be very future proof for the next few years.
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