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Hey Everyone,

I recently brought a 680 gtx evga ftw edition 4gb, this may sound a bit noobish of me but when i came to install the power, the card has an 8 pin slot and a 6 pin slot, do i have to fill both? I have a 6-pin coming out of my power supply but its got a small 2-pin connected to it would this work as the 8 pin and could i just use the adapter they send me to convert 2, 4 pins into a 6 pin? would that configuration work?

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  1. First off, YES you have to use both. And as long as your power supply has 1) the wattage and 2) the amperage on the +12v rail it should work fine :)
  2. Using the 6+2 and the adapter, that is. Hah.
  3. Thanks :)
  4. Ok here is the problem, i just tired to put the 6+2 into the 8 pin slot and the 6 goes in fine but the + pin doesn't go in, on the box it says a 6 pin and a 6 pin will do fine, also the 8 pin adapter requires a 2 6 pins which i dont have, it seems to boot fine with 2 6pins but should i maybe get a bigger power supply for the future? i have 750 w at the moment?
  5. My bad i see what i did wrong all working now

    Thanks again
  6. Hahaha no problem :) Remember to select best answer so this thread says [Solved] on it's title!
  7. I think i set up the wrong sort of thread for that, i have no option to do it, ill make sure i do it like that next time :)
  8. hahaha okay! Normally the option is under each person's post on the bottom right next to where you reply directly to them.
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