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OK, I am looking to upgrade my graphics, I have no clue where to start, I have read a couple threads and I have taken advice, I have some screenshots from CPU-Z, I cant figure out how to upload them, as I'm sure they may help in guiding me in the right direction, if I could only get someone to view them. Well, my budget is like 150 tops, dont know if thats alot or what. In another thread I read, a member was given the choice to upload the shots or name his motherboard, so mine is EL1352G, by Emachines. I am running an NVIDIA GeFORCE 6150SE nFORCE 430, whatever that means. AMD Sempron 145, which is probably weak im guessing. Anyways, Im trying to get the most out what I have at the time for Flight Simulator X, and I'm thinking an upgrade is in the near future, just need some direction. Thanks.
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  1. That motherboard does have a PCIe X16 expansion slot for adding a decent graphics card. But your Sempron 145 is only a single core 2.8GHZ processor. Quite weak for gaming. I wouldn't spend much on a gfx card if you are going to keep that processor. Btw, The board is limited to 95W processors in case you decide to upgrade that item. Your NVIDIA GeFORCE 6150SE is your integrated graphics and the nFORCE 430 is the motherboard's chip set. I imagine you have a weak PSU as well. Why not look into one of these discrete cards as a quick inexpensive upgrade:
    They are about the max you can use without upgrading to a larger PSU. They will game nicely at 1600x900 and lower.

    In order to upload pics here the pics need to be on a web server like Image Shack:
    You upload the pics from your PC to IS and then use the tools to paste the pic here.
  2. Do not get would best to save up more and get new system.your cpu is very weak and also its single core eve today all game uses 4 cores.even if you buy gpu the game performance on that cpu would be up more!!
  3. Quick update:
    I got curious and dug out an old Athlon II PC and installed my Sempron CPU in it. I added an older DDR3 HD 6670. After a few minor headaches, I got Dead Space 2 installed. It is running at 1920x1080 (!) at custom/max settings with silky smooth frame rates.

    I know... DS2 is a console port and isn't a demanding game and probably isn't CPU intense, but it is a modern game and really surprised me!
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