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Will this Nvidia GTX 650 ti work with my setup? What PSU wattage do i need?


I want this video card.

My setup:
2: i replaced the ram with 16GB ram g-skill sniper.
3: i have currently an asus radeon 6670 (what im replacing for the 660 ti)

Im going to bestbuy to upgrade my psu to 450-700.
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    430 watt recommended for 650 ti . You can get the same exact power supply at newegg / ncix for cheaper so why buy it at bestbuy?
  2. I want to buy it at best buy because they apply it for you and they have HP stock PSUs, i just want everything compatible.
  3. if you can find one that will 100% fix in my desktop and work well with the EVGA gtx 660 ti ssc. then go for it :D
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