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Which 7870?

Someone I know wants to know which is better, this graphics card or this graphics card. He seems to be getting sucked into the marketing of the iceq (he thinks the stock cooler is epic so hes an easy one for that) one so i will end this sentence with a lol. I disagree with him but I want to confirm myself by asking the interwebs.
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    Not the ICEq is a very good cooler. I've read that it almost never gets above 60C. But I have also read that the HAWK is the best 7870 out there. So I would probably agree with you.
  2. I think the Iceq is really cooler but a bit louder than other cards. While the hawk has good rep too. I think he won't lose with any of the card. If I were to decide, I'll go to the cheaper one.
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