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Bios Password Reset?

I have a toshiba satellite p300-160 and upon boot the bios password screen comes up and locks it out completley. I have search high and low on the net and so far had no luck.
I have noted that removing the motherboard battery does not work on this model.
I have tried to bridge the G1 connection to the ram earth for a minute but still get the password screen - The g1 connector is like a diamond shape with two points and I tried bridging both to the earth and each one seperate with no joy.
Has anyone got any knowledge on this and how to remove/reset or backdoor it please?

Thank you and no I didn't put on the password the laptop came to me like that :??:

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    sorry, can't help you with password resetting. it is against tomshardware's rules.
    you should ask toshiba customer support. provide proof of ownership when asked.
  2. OK thank you for quick response
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