Video card driver help?

Ok, so when I go to my device manager for my video card it says my drivers are up to date even though they aren't. I'm running like 3.6.something and the latest is like 3.10.9. My question is on the NVidia website you can download the latest drivers, but I'm not sure what process to take when downloading and installing. I actually only want to upgrade to 3.10.7 because its more stable I keep hearing. Anyways, do I just download the driver file to my desktop and just click and install, or do I need to do extra stuff like uninstall the old driver then install the new one? I'm new to this and I don't want to screw up my card or computer and get BSOD's.

Also, if they aren't up to date, why would device manager say they are and not auto update.


BTW I'm running dual gtx 680 OC edition SLI
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  1. Do not worry.just download it and intall the drivers and you are ready to go.
  2. ok, so just installing over the old ones will just overwrite and be fine, I just keep hearing and reading conflicting things.
  3. Yes it will automatically overwrite.
  4. I completely forgot to ask though about the dual SLI though. So under device manager it shows both cards separate. Now when I dl and install the updated driver, does it auto apply to both cards or do I need to do something else with that? Also, why would device manager show up to date when they are actually multiple drivers behind?
  5. Do not trust windows they doesnot update drivers would be applied to both gpu.
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