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Upgrading multiple systems

hmm I have a 7850 (with i5 3570k 1080p) right now which I might upgrade from soon
daniel is running an pentium dual core e5200 @ 3+ghz (1440x900, mostly playing Counter strike source, world of tanks, TF2 and some Free 2 play games)
The thing is he is running a HD2600 it hurts me when he plays with me and I see his 30fps on low settings ><

Should I give him my 7850 and grab say a 8850/8870/8950?
Or should I get him a 6570/6670/7770 and CF the 7850
Or sell 7850 and buy 8870 and a 6570/6670/7770

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  1. Spend the money on an entirely new system.
  2. amuffin said:
    Spend the money on an entirely new system.

    Hoping to put that off for a while since a couple years down the road I'm likely to upgrade to skymont/skylake and passing down my i5 to my bro then so platform upgrade won't be for a while.
  3. Performance will suffer because you are playing at a low resolution and have a pentium.
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    I would personally Give him the 7850 when the 8xxx series comes out.

    Crossfire is not worth the headache/flickering etc. Always try to get a single fast card
  5. So give him a 7850 to play with until I get my skymont/skylake and then give him the Ivy to pair with the 7850 then?
    Hope the next gen GPU's are worth upgrading to
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