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7870 DOA?


I purchased a Gigabyte 7870 yesterday as an upgrade from a 6850. I've been considering this for a while and have been upgrading my system to accommodate the new card, mainly a new Antec VP650p psu and a larger case. The system has been running perfectly with these upgrades and continues to do so now.

This morning it was time to install the new card so I uninstalled CCC through control panel and uninstalled the drivers through device manager and rebooted. I also deleted any AMD/Ati folders that I could still find.
Then I followed Gigabyte's install instructions to the letter, turned the system on, everything lit up like normal but... there was no beep. System didn't post, no bios menu no nothing, it just hung there no display whatsoever, the only signs of life were the fans that were spinning at a normal speed. I turned the power off and re-seated the card but same thing. I put the 6850 back in and it booted up straight away.

Since then I've tried using a different hdmi cable, dvi to vga, clearing cmos, using the molex to 6-pin adapters the card came with but nothing I've tried as had any effect. It makes my system unable to boot which makes me think I've got a dud card. I'm planning on returning it to the store where I got it tomorrow for a replacement but I wanted to query the collective wisdom of Tom's first. Unfortunately I don't have another system to test it in.

Does this sound like the card is DOA or have I taken a wrong turn somewhere? What else can I try to get this thing to work?


Put new 7870 in system and it won't post, put old 6850 back in and it's fine, any advice, please?

Some specs:

i5 2500
Asrock h67m ge <---Could this be causing any problems?
2 x 4GB ram
Antec VP650p
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  1. Have you tried a different power cable coming off of the PSU? Also, is anything else hooked up to that power cable. It could (possibly) be an under-voltage or other power problem.
  2. Have you tried it in another PCIe slot on the board? The main slot may not be recognizing the card. I have seen this before. It could be that the slot is seeing it as its a pcie 3.0 card. You may need to adjust that in the BIOS (if it does work in another slot).
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    email the mb vendor for tech support. see if they found any know issues with amd cards and there mb. also see if there any new bios updates other then the first bios on there mb page. nvidia gpu some of them had small changes done to them to make them faster then other oc cards. the small changes were found when people found out that on some mb they did not post. with the new video card it could be that the card is pulling more then the pci slot can handle or the mb over voltage or other part of the mb does not like the video card and is stopping the mb from posting. if you got the card local from micro center or best buy try another brand of the same card. try bringing the tower in with you. one thing to check to is check the video card firmware to see if it up to date.
  4. Have you tried connecting to the onboard video graphics instead of the card, Installing the drivers and then rebooting and connecting to the card?
  5. ubobill, how are Windows drivers going to affect the thing not even posting? If he can't even see the bios with the card, drivers have nothing to do with it.

    OP, why are you using the molex to 6 pin connectors, when your PSU has 2x6 pin connectors on it, already probably on separate rails and everything? Use your 6pins on your PSU to power it, not the molexs.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I have emailed gigabyte and asrock tech support with my issue hopefully there is something I can do besides getting a new mb or replacing the card.

    The card won't fit in my case in the other pci slot, and I only tried the molex to 6-pin after I had exhuasted all other ideas, last resort kind of thing.

    Dragonlord what do you mean is anything else hooked up to the power cable? I have it plugged into a power board, do you want me to try straight from the mains?

    The store I got it from doesn't seem to have any more 7870s in stock so I'm going to wait another day for the emails before returning it.
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  8. Asrock aren't aware of any issues with my mb and the 7870 and advised to get the card checked by the store, same story with Gigabyte.
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